First stop on ‘Oprah-bama’ tour: Today In Iowa

The Oprah express is swinging through Iowa today. The event is airing on C-SPAN and we’ll have the full video up after the event takes place.

Here’s a story from CNN:

DES MOINES, Iowa (CNN) — Political endorsements rarely translate into votes, but sometimes the timing of one can carry great significance.

That’s what Sen. Barack Obama’s campaigners hope for as they pick up the backing of Oprah Winfrey less than one month from the Iowa caucuses.

The three-state “Oprah-bama” tour starts at a Des Moines, Iowa, rally Saturday in a space that can accommodate thousands. It then moves east to Cedar Rapids for an event expected to bring in close to 8,500 people.

The two will travel to South Carolina and New Hampshire on Sunday.

So what do Iowa voters think?

“I think it’s going to help him with the women my age because she’s very popular, very respected among my age group,” said Linda Peterson, a middle aged mother and probable Obama voter from North Liberty, Iowa

“One of the secretaries was just so excited about the fact that Oprah was coming,” said Jodi Plumert, a University of Iowa professor and ardent Obama supporter. “She said ‘Who would’ve thought Oprah, coming to little old Iowa!’ ”

“I think that having Oprah here on Saturday will definitely pull women out,” said Iowa City resident and Obama precinct captain Cheryl Carter. “I think it will just show that women in Iowa are Barack Obama supporters.”

I actually think it will pull some women, away from Hillary perhaps. We’ll have to watch how this flushes out in the polls over the next several days in Iowa. Here’s a possible scenario: Oprah propels Obama to the nomination, then spends the year campaigning for him against the Republican nominee as well. Could be devastating for Republicans if she brings out new voters. However, that’s just the possibility.

I personally still doubt Obama will be the nominee. Unless Oprah’s campaigning does anything to substantially change the trend and turn voters against Hillary, she’s got the nomination.

This is Obama’s all-or-nothing effort.

Again, we’ll have the complete video of the event once it takes place. Scheduled to be 4:30pm to about 6:15pm according to the C-SPAN broadcast.


Oprah spoke for about 20 minutes from 4:30ish on. I am uploading the entire video and I’ll make a new post with it once it’s complete.


Here’s the entire video:

Video: Oprah’s Entire Speech for Obama from Iowa

  • Michael Jerryson

    Something is happening behind the scenes in the Democratic debate.

    Senator Dodd pushing the issue (at the Forum and Brown and Black Debate) of assessing candidates based on what you have DONE versus what you say you stand for– and then attacks Senator Edwards for what he has done (versus what he stands for).

    Senator Edwards gives blatant praise and, in some ways, an indication of solidarity with Senator Obama in the Brown and Black Debate, which is accepted by Obama.

    Governor Richardson lobbs an easy question to Senator Hillary Clinton in the Brown and Black Debate, who replies to Governor Richardson that he would make a good Vice President.

    Senator Biden shows complete disregard for Representative Kucinich, who appears to be acting independently.

    What I would guess is this: people are drawing up their plans after the Iowa/New Hampshire/South Carolina polls. They are, in a sense, consolidating into groups. Biden is bumping heads a bit with Senator Edwards, but it isn’t completely clear where he stands at this time.

    In this way, I don’t think Obama is going all-for-nothing… rather, he is pulling out a huge asset (just as Hillary is with Clinton) to continue his momentum in these three states.

    It is looking more likely than before that something is going on between the Edwards and Obama camps. Biden has worked for the Clinton administration before, but it is not clear if he will push for this side again. Dodd and Kucinich do not have enough supporters to make much sway, but could do some damage to either of these two emerging blocs.

  • I definitely agree that Obama/Edwards are taking it easy on each other. If one of them has a chance to beat Hillary, they can’t alienate each other’s supporters. Richardson is running to be Hillary’s VP, no doubt about that so he has taken it very easy on her.

    Kucinich is probably the only one acting without an ulterior motive of becoming someone’s running mate.