Romney’s Illegal Immigrant Headache The Sequel!

From the AP via Yahoo:

MEREDITH, N.H. – Republican Mitt Romney, ridiculed by rival Rudy Giuliani for employing illegal immigrants at his “sanctuary mansion,” said Tuesday he had fired the landscaper for his suburban Boston home after learning for a second time about undocumented workers laboring on the property.

In a statement issued after he concluded his campaign appearances for the day, Romney said: “After this same issue arose last year, I gave the company a second chance with very specific conditions. They were instructed to make sure people working for the company were of legal status.

“We personally met with the company in order to inform them about the importance of this matter,” he said. “The owner of the company guaranteed us, in very certain terms, that the company would be in total compliance with the law going forward.”

Romney termed the recurrence “disappointing and inexcusable.” The company, Community Lawn Service of Chelsea, Mass., did not immediately return a call seeking comment.

The former Massachusetts governor has made combating illegal immigration a core theme of his White House run.

His three-point plan includes building fences along the U.S.-Mexico border; developing a tamperproof ID card so only legal immigrants can work and cutting off federal money to “sanctuary cities” providing safe haven to illegal immigrants.

He might want to start by building border fences around his property.

  • Michael Jerryson

    Angry, can you let Nate know the NPR radio debate for Democrats was uploaded to the NPR website and can be found here:

  • I’ve got it now Michael, thanks. I’m working on saving it and uploading it here as well.

    Furthermore, the idea of Romney building border fences around his property is the funniest thing I’ve ever heard.

  • Joshua Pratt

    I really don’t see how Romney could have handled the situation any better. I find Giaulani’s comments as well as yours ridiculous. How do we honestly believe we can elect good leaders when we are constantly throwing up smoke to blind the people? Let’s mature a little and start giving the people the facts instead of using rhetoric to try and persuade them. And maybe then we won’t find ourselves in such predicaments as Iraq.

  • It’s just a joke at Romney’s expense. I do generally agree with you on Giuliani’s statements. In fact, I would say that Giuliani has worse issues to be concerned with on illegal immigration issues since running a sanctuary city is a much worse position to be in.

    Romney explained it well in the debate in that, when you hire a company, they take the responsibility for hiring legal workers.

  • The Angry American

    Wow. Lighten up a little bub, it’s just some light hearted humor as opposed to disecting the entire story which as Nate has pointed out would be pointless. Giuliani has his priorities out of order and Romney has no control over the people outside companies hire. So why not just laugh about it and move on…..

  • magyart

    Fight illegal immigration. Contact your elected reps. and demand they co-sponsor the Save Act. The House bill is HR 4088. The Senate bill is S2368.

    The House bill was introduced by a Dem. and has 122 co-sponsors from both parties.

    Visit NumbersUSA for more details.-

    Only vote for candidates willing to support this bill. It forces all employers to verify social security numbers.

    Let’s take our country back !