Video: Brig. Gen. Keith Kerr on the O’Reilly Factor

If you don’t remember/know who Kerr is, you’ll get a refresher at the beginning of the video.

So according to Kerr, CNN didn’t bother doing any vetting on the questioners. Kudos to the General for coming on and explaining his views.

He also makes a generally valid point that the Democrats all stated they would repeal “Don’t ask, don’t tell”. However, they didn’t answer whether they think it works or not. I suspect they’d all say “No”.

After watching this interview, Kerr seems pretty reasonable in that he just wanted to have his question answered of the Republicans as well.

  • Michael Jerryson

    I just finished watching the Iowa Democratic Heartland Forum. I think the questions were, hands down, the best questions asked to presidential candidates so far.

    Not only was it amazingly impacting to have grassroot leaders from around the nation ask these candidates on stage– giving clear and personal examples of the problems for the country, but they were given adequate time to do this.

    Every candidate who attended received equal time (I don’t know why Biden and Richardson didn’t show). This was another bonus to this forum.

    I think if we juxtapose the Iowa Democratic Heartland Forum structure with that of the YouTube structure, it is unequivocally more beneficial to go the route of the forum for the people, the candidates, and the listeners.