Dissension Bifurcation in the Ron Paul world over fund raising

Story from The Politico:

A one-day fundraising drive billed as the second “money bomb” for Republican presidential candidate Ron Paul appears to be falling well short of its target — at least partly because of a dispute among his zealous base of online supporters.

The goal of the drive — patterned after the original money bomb that turned the Texas congressman from “Ron who?” to a surprise factor in the race — was to raise $2.5 million Friday.

But on the eve of the second bomb, pledges totaled only $230,000 — less than 10 percent of the goal — apparently because many Paul supporters were more enthusiastic about another haul planned for Dec. 16.

Apparently all is not well among the Paul supporters. I think the argument is now over who can be more fanatical and too many non-campaign fund raisers are spoiling the pot.

At this point, the money bomb is just a bomb.

Has Ron Paul’s support amongst the Paulbots begun to wane?

Bifurcation, see comments.

  • Rich

    Actually we doubled our pledge amount. If you go to Rudysreadinglist.com you’ll see that there was only 2500 pleges which would work out to 250,000 dollars. We raised over 500,000 dollars so I would say we did quite well. The http://www.teaparty07.com will be the one to watch. 🙂

  • Gene Trosper

    There are no problems among the Paul supporters. It’s just that *so many* people are excited and energized, there has been some loss of focus and things such as online fundraising are spread a bit thing. It’s hardly a negative thing though: today’s “moneybomb” propelled the campaign beyond what Giuliani, Thompson and Romeny have raised from supporters the entire third quarter…and one month is still left in the fourth quarter. Ron Paul is TROUNCING the competition in terms of fundraising and the number of active supporters he has garnered.

  • It’s definitely not dissension, but a tiny bifurcation between those who believe the campaign can use more money now, or if a media blitz from a $5m+ day would be worth more, even if the money is late by 3 weeks.

    This November 30th money bomb only had a week or so to be promoted, since it was only added when the campaign reminded the supporters that it needs money quicker rather than later. Remember, the money bombs are independent of the campaign, and a lot of people are excited about the TeaParty07.com money bomb. I won’t be surprised if it raises $5m+ in one day, if the servers can handle it.

    $500k today is still amazing, and the campaign is on a good pace to to get $18m this quarter ($10m so far, $5m on the TeaParty07 money bomb, and another $3m on the other days total). I would be surprised if it broke into the $20m mark, but I have a few dozen friends who are ready to give at least $200, all of them as first time donations to any candidate, ever.

    I also know quite a few people who have given $100 or $200 but will end up maxing out by year’s end (thanks, McCain for such a ridiculously low maximum).

    Again, not dissension, just a late idea put together to get the campaign an extra million in the bank in less than a week. 4 days, $1 million. About 6x faster than Huckabee can raise money.

    Wish the other candidates (Repub and Dem) would post real time figures. Would be great to let all the supporters battle it out every day to be the #1 fundraising candidate.

  • So it’s a bifurcation in in the ranks, not dissension. I knew I would be corrected on this matter.

    However, his fund raising totals are impressive considering Huckabee is running second in many polls and has nowhere near the amount of money he does. I think it simply represents commitment of supporters, not numbers of supporters.

  • DC Wornock

    How silly. You people are clutching at straws in your attempts to attack Ron Paul. So you find some little know money bomb that didn’t reach it’s goal. So what, it raised $536,000 in one day.

    In fact none of the money bombs have reached their goal but they are raising a lot of money and that is the important thing. November 5 had a goal of 100,000 donors giving $10 million. Less than 40k doners donated over $4 million and still everyone was very pleased.

  • Alice Smith

    I participated and gave for the first money bomb. This was the first time in my life I’ve ever donated to a campaign. I have very little money, so I want what I am able to donate to make a statement. The anniversary of the Boston Tea Party best reflects the very heart and soul of the reasons that I support Ron Paul. He is the only politician that hasn’t lied when he took his oath of office and will support the Constitution. It has taken me time and sacrifice to save up money out of my paycheck so that I can donate on Dec. 16th. If I was able to do both, I would have, but since I’m not, it’s Dec. 16th
    for me because it means something special.

  • I can certainly admire everyone’s commitment to Ron Paul, I don’t think any other candidate has such a devoted following. Or at least not a following as willing to doll out donations as much was Paul supporters.

    I’ll report on the Dec. 16th fund raising when it happens, we’ll see if he can top the first one.