Video: CNN/YouTube Republican Debate from Florida

Here is the entire video of the CNN/YouTube Republican debate.

It was quite lively.

I have more analysis here including the Hillary campaign guy who somehow was able to ask a question.


Changed the embed to my version, it’s better I swear!

Also, just for reference, if you enjoyed this format and missed the CNN/YouTube Democratic debate, you can watch the entire video of it here.

  • Ben

    Anywhere to watch the whole thing in one part?

  • Not to my knowledge. This goes through all 14 parts automatically.

    Unfortunately it’s hard to store and upload something that large all in one part. The best I could do is probably 3 parts hosted on sevenload but I haven’t put that up yet.

  • The best I could get is 4 parts, I’m uploading them to sevenload right now and I’ll update this post with a link when they’re done.