Robert F. Kennedy Jr. endorses Hillary Clinton

Shocking news from USAToday:

WASHINGTON (AP) — Democrat Hillary Rodham Clinton was endorsed for president Thursday by Robert F. Kennedy Jr., an environmental activist and scion of one of the nation’s most prominent political families.

“Hillary Clinton has the strength and experience to bring the war in Iraq to an end and reverse the potentially devastating effects of global warming,” Kennedy said in a statement released by Clinton’s campaign. “I watched proudly as Hillary won over New Yorkers across the state in her race for the Senate seat my father once held. Since then, she’s been re-elected in a landslide victory and proven that she is ready to lead this nation from her first day in office. Hillary will inspire the real change America needs.”

It’s funny, he touts her landslide reelection in New York, a heavily Democratic state. That’s like praising a Kennedy (how ironic) for getting reelected in Massachusetts or a Republican for being reelected in Texas.

  • amir

    why is it shocking? YOu expected hom to hate Clintons? I never support Clintons but I do not have to then or shocked some one of kennedy’s supportd’ Clintom? YOu must be insane and try to be postive>


  • That was a sarcastic shock, amir.

    A Kennedy supporting a Clinton is the least shocking thing I’ve ever seen. In fact, there is nothing that would shock me less.

  • amir

    Nate, Kennedye were dead long time ago. Your shock just helps to become more popular and attracjs media attention. Just ignore the news. There is no need to get shocks or to hate clintons. Voters will make their mind at the time of voting. These so called shocking news would not make a dent in the election process. I am indepedent watching this insane primary process and it is fun I should say. Nothing so far is shocking. Only emotional attached ploitical junkies may get upset.

  • Hillary’s negative attacks on Obama are OUTRAGOUS and just goes to show how she will do anything and say anything to get elected no matter who she tramples in the process. I have never seen attacks so vicious against a fellow Democrat. If Barack Obama is the Democratic nominee, she will have given the Republicans tons of ammunition to use against him.

    If you listen carefully to her speeches you will find that she is constantly saying “I” did this and “I” did that. Everything she says sounds rehearsed. She also is a polarizing person who many Republicans hate and will not vote for.

    Obama clearly has the best chance at beating McCain. Obama is Gentleman who says “with your help” “we” can take back this country and give it back to the American People. Obama stands for REAL change which we desperately need. Obama
    wants to make positive changes and he wants to SERVE the American people. She has no intentions of serving the people.. she will be like all of the other presidents we’ve had for the past 40 years.

    I agree with Barack Obama’s aide Samantha Power… Hillary Clinton is a Monster.