Video: Dick Morris Talks Obama, Hillary, and 2008

Here’s Morris’ latest take on Hillary, which is his specialty. He also touches the Novak story on Hillary purportedly having dirt on Obama:

Plus, here’s more video of Obama freaking out “raising his voice and using direct and resolved language” at the elderly woman asking a question at the town hall event:

He got a bit agitated there. No reason for it really but clearly he took offense to the question which wasn’t offensive by any means. Every single candidate running for president should address that question in full, it’s probably the most important single issue right now to many voters.

  • Obama is just mad because Hillary has more experience.

  • Michael Jerryson

    These guys have serious spin, and there is no ‘balance’ to this Hannity and Colmes team. “The 11th amendment, thou shalt not criticize another Republican,” and “The 12 amendment should be, thou shalt not criticize opponents of Hillary.” Come on.

    Can the media (Fox in particularly) get any more polarized, sensational, and polemical? How is this helping the voters?

    In reference to Obama, Hannity has no experience to judge if someone is “presidential material.” What is he, a former president? He’s spinning Clinton’s spin– on a supposed informative news forum. Neither does he have any basis for the slander he gave to Obama with his position on speaking with dictators. Obama clarified this very well. He is not going to entertain and discuss any topics with dictators– but he is not going to close the door for talks (a strong and HISTORICAL stance on diplomacy). Obama argues that every leader should have the potential for discussion with the president of the United States.

    Now you can disagree with this stance, but Hannity should get the facts right. AND!! Incidentally, do we ever see such a witch hunt on the two front runners in the Republican race on FOX news? But that’s another story…..

    Lastly, Nathan– your comment that Obama was “freaking out”? Let’s be reasonable here. He raised his voice. He used direct and resolved language. I would classified him as being impassioned, perhaps a moderator might say he was “intense”. Obama responded with a temperament of one who feels passionately against the proliferation of misinformation.

    The woman asked a question that was loaded with misapplications of information. From my point of view, this was great response. He won my admiration for standing up against this line of talk and rhetoric. I only hope he can maintain this intensity.

  • I struck the “freaking out” for you and put in your description, it was better than mine.

    I think he got overly heated at her for no reason, this could have been a question he hit out of the park. Instead it became a negative sound bite.

    He could have taken the opportunity to appear stronger on the issue.

  • Michael Jerryson


    Thank you for the crossing that out. I agree, he could have framed it better. Mitt Romney’s example– when pressed angrily by someone about his Mormon values, displays a better command at one specified moment to perceived antagonistic questioning (and I would say the question to Mitt was far more inflammatory).

    Yes, he could have responded stronger. I just don’t think this is as large of an issue as it seems to be for the media.

  • Hannity and Morris playing pundits in that clip? Pathetic. Both are hoping Clinton wins the nomination because it will give them something to yell about every night.