Video: Who Won the CNN Las Vegas Debate?

According to the Frank Luntz FOX News focus group, it was Hillary Clinton hands down. This video comes via Hot Air who recorded this segment so I didn’t have to:

Very interesting, Obama did poorly in those exchanges. Hillary came out looking much stronger and clearly came out on top after this debate. It would surprise me if her polls didn’t increase a bit in Iowa, which is currently very tight. Obama just doesn’t have the ability to recapture the question like Hillary was last night.

Also, the full debate video is now available in Windows Media Format, I’ll make an entirely new post when it’s working in flash format:

11/15/07 – Video: CNN Democratic debate from Las Vegas, Nevada

  • Josh

    I disagree entirely. I strongly believe that Obama won this debate.

    Clinton didn’t give any direct answers. She didn’t say how she would provide healthcare, just that Obama wouldn’t.

    Now if you pay attention to the Drivers License Question more closely, they cut part of the question off. Blitzer asked Obama that we should assume that no comprehensive reform would occur so should we give illegals drivers licenses. “Obama’s answer was not indirect, he ws saying that he disagreed with Blitzer, that we would have reform, and that even if we gave illegals licenses, that it wouldn’t solve the problem. He then said that we would have to because it was a matter of public safety.

    I feel extremely jaded that CNN is deciding who will win the nominations. Because Hillary is not electable by any stretch.