New Video Hillary Clinton Doesn’t Want You To See

This one is very damning, probably career ending for Hillary:

Well, maybe not.

Courtesy 23/6.

  • will

    Really? I thought this site was dedicated to an informed discussion of the 2008 presidential candidates. What comes next, videos from The Onion or investigative reports from Samantha Bee on The Daily Show? Videos like this should be left for the YouTube fans to comment on in between making smart ass remarks about each other\\\’s mothers

  • chris

    The video that Hillary doesn’t want you to see is here at this link, but it’s $6.98 for full viewing. It’s one hour documentary that Hillary doesn’t want you to see for real:

  • Lighten up already! It’s just a joke. All day long we do serious discussion and important video. Just a little something for a quick laugh, nobody’s forcing you to watch it!