Video: Proof That Huckabee is Gaining Support

Someone, who appears to be nameless at this point (Giuliani campaign, Thompson campaign, Romney campaign, etc…) released this video on YouTube showing Governor Mike Huckabee sounding a bit friendly to tax increases:

The video appears to originate from a fairly new blog, started July ’07, called the Arkansas Journal but who knows. The YouTube account it was uploaded from was created Monday, November 12, 2007 and this, suspiciously, is their only video. The writer of the blog, Henry Reardon, claims to be “Arkansas’s #1 Conservative Blog”. Browsing through past posts yields a lot of anti-Huckabee rhetoric. I emailed the author just for his comment on the issue, I’ll update with his response, if any.

Doesn’t really speak for Huckabee’s record. However, I think Marc Ambinder from The Atlantic has it correct:

It’s not so much whether the context is right or whether Huckabee is or isn’t a solid fiscal conservative — it’s about whether this video is used by an opponent in a television ad and whether the Iowa media, at some point in December, runs the clip over-and-over.

Giuliani and Romney have both been victims of their own words coming back to haunt them in the form of a YouTube video from a newly created account.

  • Henry Reardon is a character in Ayn Rand’s Atlas Shrugged. He is a steel mogul who invents a new type of steel, and is fighting the government who is trying to force him from releaseing his product to the general public.

    The video is an out of context smear regarding the federal ruling that his state better fund education. The fact that he pushed for a consumption tax rather than a land tax speaks volumes about his feelings towards taxes. A consumption tax gives you the freedom to choose to pay the tax. They are usually low impact and short term. Land taxes are unavoidable, with higher impacts as land values increase, and are usually very long term.

    People have lost all ability to understand context…

    For instance, Rudy stting that he believes we should confiscate all guns… well, that is hard to take out of context… Those are words that come back to bite… Or Romney flip-flop-flipping on abortion…

    But this is an appeal to his legislature to support a consumption tax…

    Heck… even the CATO institute endorses SOME taxes… their ideal tax is a 20% income flat tax… just goes to show that no-one is perfect!

  • Patrick Boiler

    that must have been quite a while ago…huckabee has lost a lot of weight since then, so it can\\\’t be recent, right?