Submit Your 2008 Election Coverage Video to Current TV!

I got an email from Current TV concerning election coverage and a new project they are working on. They asked if I’d be willing to post a news release on it. So, here it is:

Documentary filmmakers and journalists–are you tired of election coverage? Help us change it.

Current TV is trying to revolutionize election coverage by focusing on issues, not candidates. So we’re asking producers and filmmakers to create a mini-documentary (3-7 min. long) about one of the major election issues–healthcare, war, environment, education, etc. Tell us a fair, accurate story about how one of these issues affects you or your community.

If you upload your story to our website,, by Dec. 15th, you’ll be considered to join the Current TV team at the New Hampshire primaries, as a paid producer on the ground! And Current could buy your piece to air on our international cable network.

So get in touch with us at and get those cameras rolling!

So, get them rolling! Sounds like a pretty sweet deal for well-produced election coverage.

  • the election coverage has been really good, i dont know what i like watching more though, CNN headlines or MSNBC headlines im sure each one is bias towards their own cadidate but theyre both doing a really good job at presenting timely and relevant information.