Video: Bill Richardson, John McCain on FOX News Sunday

First, as this was the order of appearance, here is Bill Richardson’s entire appearance on FOX News Sunday from 11/11/07:

The best part is where Chris Wallace asked him about UFOs and Roswell. Furthermore, Richardson also favors, and signed into law in New Mexico, driver’s licenses for illegal aliens. Although, he calls them “undocumented workers” so we’ll just leave that be.

Next, here’s John McCain on FOX News Sunday from the same show:

McCain seems to have somewhat of a renewed vigor in my opinion. A few months ago, some were predicting he would have dropped out already (myself included). However, he has somehow fought back from bottoming out in the polls.


Here are all the videos from candidates on the other Sunday political shows also on November 11th, 2007:

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  • Michael Jerryson

    Chris Wallace’s questioning was racist– and Richardson did not call him on it.

    When Wallace talks about the terrorists of 911 using driver’s licenses to get onto the planes, and then directly links this to undocumented workers getting licenses (and thereby making things more dangerous). Why are illegal aliens suddenly more likely to be a terrorist than documented workers?

    In Wallace’s suggested example- the terrorists for 9/11 were legal immigrants. Some were students. A few had trained to fly planes in the United States. In this respects, we find Wallace’s example exemplary of a failure on our own government to assess and evaluate potential threats to national security.

    Why would an illegal, especially those crossing over from Mexico (since we are speaking about ‘New’ Mexico), be more prone to attack this country than a ‘legal’ ?

    Recent events, such as the Californian-turned Al Qaeda Adam Gadahn, show that are problem is not undocumented workers (Mexicans!), but rather idealists.

  • I think you are missing the point that giving driver’s licenses to illegal aliens, from anywhere, would be an open invitation for anyone wishing to do America harm.

    You can’t distinguish between someone who wants to come and work in America versus someone who wants to come commit terrorist acts.

    Illegal aliens are made up of people from many countries, not just Mexico. Look at the stats, on the southern border alone they have caught Syrians, Iranians, and numerous other people coming from terrorist-sponsoring states.

    You’re fooling yourself if you think it’s racist to deny driver’s licenses to people shouldn’t legally be here, regardless of where they come from.

  • Michael Jerryson

    Nate, no, I am pointing to a very severe problem we have in the way all prospective presidentials are being treated.

    They are being managed and critiqued by subpar journalists with very focused and biased questions. Chris Wallace’s line of questioning with Richardson is an example of this.

    If you want to detract from my point that Chris Wallace’s question and example are fundamentally at odds with one another, that is fine. The logic you just offered holds no weight.

    IF we have illegals in this country, what is safer? An ability to track them, or not?

    Now, you could come back saying that giving illegal people undocumented licenses adds their accessibility to the general public. Again, very little substance here. Living here in California, I can attest to the fact that there are thousands of illegals driving, working, and very much IN the public as illegals. Having a license to drive does give them more access– it rather makes them trackable and accountable.

    What is racist is trying to tie the ability for Mexicans to drive vehicles (not get on airplanes, etc., since these licenses do not necessarily do this), to an increase in domestic terrorist attacks!

    What happens when an illegal breaks the law in this country? They get deported. In many ways, they are some of the safest and quietest residents we have. And if you look at the number of terrorist attacks our country has faced in the last twenty year, they have been from completely legal actors– from the likes of Timothy McVeigh and his Christian Identity movement, to the legal Egyptians and alike who were here for the 9/11 bombings.

    Like usual, white people are barking up the wrong tree, demonizing people out of fear and difference, with little justification. And no, I am a white person.

    When you causally try to link a race of people (again, we are talking about Mexico, since this is New Mexico) to tendency to commit domestic acts of terrorism, it is racism.

    Lastly— do you REALLY think that a Syrian or Iranian coming over the border from Mexico would seriously come and register in New Mexico to get an undocumented worker’s license to drive a car– if they were trying to sneak in here to attack this country?

    The Syrians and Iranians I have met who come over illegally are almost all Christians (oldest Christian groups in the world!) trying to make it, like everyone else who come over.

    “Terrorist-Sponsoring” states? Bold move. I think that accusation speaks to part of our problem with our international relations to date.