Video: James Dobson all-but supporting Hillary

James Dobson was on Hannity & Colmes last night to explain why he refuses to support any of the major Republican candidates:

In my opinion, Dobson will seriously hurt the GOP more than he even knows. If he follows through with a third-party candidate in the case of a Giuliani nomination, Hillary Clinton, the presumed Democratic nominee will be all-but guaranteed victory.

However, Dobson doesn’t seem to care that his position is cutting off his nose to spite his face. It’s a no-win situation for him.

  • Davar

    Finally, Dobson speaks the mind of at least 71 Million Americans. The Republican party’s fundamental protection given to children wanting to live and breathe like we do, must not ever be compromised. Why does the party not require our candidates to stand for the rights of our children to live? Would we allow a candidate to promote Nazi’s desire to abort children and muder people of faith in the Jewish tradition even if the candidate was militarily strong? No. Would we allow a candidate to come to the front with strong economically conservative stance if he supported the rights of pedophiles and homosexuals to destroy our families and brainwash our children into immorality? No. Stand for Truth Dr. Dobson! Never give in to \\

  • john

    I believe that this guy is politically brilliant. His goal is to make sure that Giuliani does not win the primaries. By telling the rest of the conservative camp that he would put in a third party if Giuliani is chosen then he will scare the undecided conservatives from Giuliani. Chances are if Giuliani wins there probably wouldn’t be a third party candidate solely based on the fact that it will further strengthen Hillary

  • Laura

    How can I email Dobson and request that he stay ouf of Politics. He is supposed to be a religous leader not a politician. I have the right to vote for whom I feel is the right candidate without having to worry about a believer in Christ throwing political threats.