Giuliani: Illegal immigration is not a crime

From Yahoo:

WASHINGTON – Republican presidential hopeful Rudy Giuliani said illegal immigration is not a crime, prompting rival Mitt Romney to accuse him of not taking the problem seriously. The two have clashed for weeks over illegal immigration, an issue that inflames GOP conservatives who influence primary elections. The irony is that both candidates have in the past taken more liberal stands on the issue.

Didn’t Republicans learn something from McCain’s campaign stumble when he supported pseudo-amnesty?

Apparently not:

“It’s not a crime,” Giuliani said Friday. “I know that’s very hard for people to understand, but it’s not a federal crime.”

Allah from Hot Air explains:

He’s half right. The hard truth is that it’s a federal crime to cross the border but not a federal crime to be present in the United States without authorization.

Still, Giuliani is sounding quite weak in my opinion. Crossing the border without authorization is against the low so yes, illegal immigration is indeed a crime. He couldn’t be more wrong on that.

One wonders if this will hurt him a bit amongst the uber-security crowd who follows him with the 9/11 card.

The former New York mayor has been defending his city’s so-called sanctuary policy, which stopped city workers from reporting suspected illegal immigrants. The policy is intended to make illegal immigrants feel that they can report crimes, send their children to school or seek medical treatment without fear of being reported. It did require police to turn in illegal immigrants suspected of committing crimes.

Mitt especially never misses a chance to bring up Giuliani’s sanctuary policy in New York. Frankly, I think it looks pretty bad as well.

  • Lynda Roberts

    Rudy Giuliani won’t get my vote. He is blind to illegal immigration. He and all who think like he does should be made to support all the illegals in this country. As for the middle-class working people (who pay the majority of taxes) we are tired of paying high taxes and our government supporting all the people in the world who come to live here just a get “A FREE RIDE” Yes, you people need to get out in the REAL WORLD and see what is really happening in this country. So learn to not comment on things you really don’t even know about. That goes for all who won’t send the illegals back to their country.