Former DNC chair McAuliffe says “Fear Fred”

From ABC News:

Fred Thompson’s decision to skip Wednesday’s New Hampshire debate invited ridicule from the Republican ’08ers who view him as a lightweight.

But his thin public record is cold comfort to one Democratic powerbroker.

In fact, it has former DNC Chairman Terry McAuliffe downright nervous.

“There’s not much there. That’s what makes me nervous,” said McAuliffe who remembers toiling for Jimmy Carter when he was trounced by Ronald Reagan.

“I’m never underestimating another B-Movie actor.”

McAuliffe offered his assessment to ABC News just moments after Thompson entered the fray.

Not much to say, just making the post.

  • Mike

    There’s an unhealthy perception that Fred Thompson is somehow “outside the beltway”, that he’s a breath of fresh air not tarnished by the way all those Washington insiders do business. To stem the tide of such perceptions, here’s a helpful reminder of who this “independent-minded candidate” really is, for those of us who weren’t alive during Watergate:

    From The Boston Globe:

    “On July 13, 1973, Armstrong, the Democratic staffer, asked [Nixon White House Aide] Butterfield a series of questions during a private session that led up to the revelation. He then turned the questioning over to a Republican staffer, Don Sanders, who asked Butterfield the question that led to the mention of the taping system.

    To the astonishment of everyone in the room, Butterfield admitted the taping system existed.

    When Thompson learned of Butterfield’s admission, he leaked the revelation to Nixon’s counsel, J. Fred Buzhardt .

    ‘Even though I had no authority to act for the committee, I decided to call Fred Buzhardt at home’ to tell him that the committee had learned about the taping system, Thompson wrote. “I wanted to be sure that the White House was fully aware of what was to be disclosed so that it could take appropriate action.'”

    I wonder what “appropriate action” would be? Let’s not forget, Thompson’s leak was more than 2 months before some of the subpoenaed tapes were “accidentally” erased by Nixon’s secretary.

    That’s right, Fred Thompson: Helping White House cover-ups since 1973.