Gold Star Dad Responds to “Greasy” Joe Biden

Have a look see:

For shame Joe Biden, for shame.

Here’s the news story:

The New York Times offered this account of a Des Moines appearance on its Caucus blog: “This guy is brain dead,” Mr. Biden said to surprised applause and laughter from the crowd. “I know I’ll be quoted, I’ll be killed for that.” The post had nearly 1,100 comments as of late Friday afternoon.

And killed he was not for you see, as a 2008 Democratic candidate, it’s kosher to refer to the opposition as “brain dead”. For if Giuliani was to call Obama “brain dead”, the media would have a field day and Giuliani would be lynched by the day’s end.

  • Jilian

    This is faux news at it’s best!

    Maybe Senator Biden went a little to far in his comments responding to this administration acting above the law once again…..

    But to say Biden’s comments were hurtful to the troops??!!!???
    You’ve got to be kidding me! That is hysterical.

    FYI – Faux news and viewers, Joe Biden has done more for our troops than any other candidate in either party. His is a hero to our troops for working his tail off to get them MRAPs since this administration didn’t bother to try and save lives from IEDs. He also has an actual plan for Iraq that could make it safer by quelling some of the secretarian violence. And Biden’s son is in the Reserves.

    So don’t give me this macaca that Biden is hurting our troops by questioning Bush for not following the rule of law.

  • STEW

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  • Brian H

    Jillian is another Know-Nothing, utterly unaware of the fantastic work being done by an astonishingly good military against a no-holds-barred vicious enemy. The Iraqis got the picture after submitting (in some areas) to intimidation: better dead than subject to Islamists.

    This enemy can be neither placated nor “contained” nor accommodated. It is apocalyptic and implacable. Deal with it, don’t hide your head in pink chiffon.