PBS Democratic debate tonight @ 9pm

Obviously it will be on your local PBS affiliate. However, it will also be streamed from PBS online:

Three ways to watch online:

Watch it live. The Democratic Forum will be simultaneously webcast on PBS.org from 9pm-10:30pm (Eastern) on June 28th.

Watch it later. Video of the Democratic and Republican Forums will be archived for on-demand viewing here on PBS.org.

Take it with you. Download both Forums on your iPod or other portable device by subscribing to the Tavis Smiley podcast or visiting iTunes at the Apple Music Store.

I’m assuming the stream will be available here: All-American Presidential Forum on PBS

We’ll also have the video archived after it airs.

  • I missed the Tavis Smiley Democratic Debate. Can I order a video tape ,or DVD of it to watch at home? Everytime they said it would be on C-span I didn’t see it . Sometihing else played at the scheduled times. Anyway, can I order a Video/ DVD of the debate? Please? I hate missing these important events. Will it be on TV again. I have comcast cable (full package) in Lakewood Washington. Thank you very much for your help. I didn’t see a copy of the video offered on C-spans store unusual? Please hel;p?

  • You’re in luck!

    You can watch the entire PBS Democratic debate right here:

    6/28/07 – PBS Democratic debate from Howard University, Washington D.C.

    Or, you can watch it here straight from PBS:

    PBS All-American Presidential Debate