Poll: young voters favor Obama or Clinton

From CBS News:

(CBS) Democrats Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton are the favored presidential candidates of younger Americans, according to a poll conducted by CBS News, The New York Times and MTV.

Eighteen percent say they’re enthusiastic about Obama and 17 percent are enthusiastic about Clinton – far more than say the same about Republicans Rudy Giuliani (4 percent), Mitt Romney (2 percent) and potential candidate Fred Thompson (2 percent).

However, what the poll neglected to ask was whether or not those being polled knew the name of the current Vice President, which probably would have been about 25% saying Dick Cheney, the other 75% would have not a clue. Thus the support for Obama and Clinton makes sense.

Even 8 percent of GOP primary voters are excited about Obama – more than Thompson (7 percent) and John McCain (2 percent). Thirteen percent of Republicans say they’re enthusiastic about Giuliani.

Why is this man exciting? What does it mean to be “excited about Obama”? Can someone explain that to me?

  • Michael

    Nate, those comments undercutting the young people’s voting habits is inflammatory. Aside from that, I highly doubt your suggested percentage of 25% for the vice presidency. These comments aside, what excites ME about Obama is having a highly intelligent, insightful, and non-evasive politician speaking through the rhetoric. In the last Democratic debate you could see how Hilary dodged every hard question given to her– whereas Barack did the opposite: when he was given ridiculous questions like outer space ones, he called the questioner out on his question and told him why.

    Obama’s way of speaking on issues suggests an alternative way of conducting politics. And I can understand the Clinton statistic– she is the first female woman to have a legitimate chance of presidency and she is martially linked to a very popular ex-president.

  • I’m 24 so it’s ok for me to make light of my peers.

    You’re right though, 25% may be off, might be more like 30%. Don’t take it personally, you are informing yourself, not counted in the category of youth voters who haven’t got a clue. I make light of it because I see it all the time from my age group.

    Look, anyone getting their election news and opinion solely from MTV I would not consider “informed”. Clearly that’s not you since you’re here on this site!

  • me

    thus far i have conducted a poll on college kids views on Obama and Clinton and the majority did seem to have the facts to back up their views. Those who did not open said they knew nothing about politics. Nate so now you can stop putting others down to make yourself feel better. I did the work