Full 2008 Presidential Debate Schedule From DNC and GOP – Updated 10/15/08

The full debate schedule for Sen. Barack Obama and Sen. John McCain along with the vice Presidential Debate between Gov. Sarah Palin and Sen. Joe Biden. Below you will find the complete, unedited video of each and every debate video from the entire 2008 Presidential Election season.

Click below to watch the entire video from the 3 presidential debates and the vice presidential debate:

September 26, 2008: Video: Obama/McCain debate from the University of Mississippi, Oxford, MS

October 2, 2008: Video: Palin / Biden Vice Presidential debate, Washington University, St. Louis, MO

October 7, 2008: Video: Presidential debate in a town hall format, Belmont University, Nashville, TN

October 15, 2008: Video: Presidential debate with domestic policy focus, Hofstra University, Hempstead, NY

More information on each specific McCain/Obama debate:

Official 2008 Obama/McCain Presidential Debate Schedule


August 16, 2008: Video: Saddleback Civil Forum with Rick Warren at Saddleback Church, Lake Forest, California
(Not part of the official sanctioned schedule but both candidates attended)

September 11, 2008: Video: 9/11 Forum on public and national service from Columbia University, New York
(Not part of the official sanctioned schedule but both candidates attended)

Below is a list of the dates and locations for the 2008 Presidential election primary debates. They are all complete with full, uncut, unedited videos of each debate.


April 26, 2007: Video: MSNBC Democratic debate from South Carolina
June 3, 2007: Video: CNN Democratic debate from New Hampshire
June 28, 2007: Video: PBS Democratic presidential debate at Howard University in Washington, DC
July 23, 2007: Video: YouTube/Google and CNN in Charleston, SC
August 8, 2007: Video: The AFL-CIO MSNBC Democratic debate from Soldier Field in Chicago
August 9th, 2007: Video: Homosexual issues forum sponsored by LOGO TV and HRC
August 19, 2007: Video: ABC This Week Democratic debate in Des Moines, IA
September 9, 2007: Video: Univision Democratic Spanish Debate from Miami, FL
September 20, 2007: Video: AARP/IPT Democratic debate from Davenport, Iowa
September 26, 2007: Video: NBC News/MSNBC at Dartmouth College in Hanover, NH
October 30, 2007: Video: MSNBC/NBC News Democratic debate in Philadelphia, PA at Drexel University
November 15, 2007: Video: CNN Democratic Debate from Las Vegas, Nevada
December 1, 2007: Video: Iowa Democratic Heartland Forum from Des Moines
December 1, 2007: Video: The 6th Brown & Black Democratic Forum Des Moines, IA
December 4, 2007: Audio: The National/Iowa Public Radio Democratic Debate
December 13, 2007: Video: Democratic debate sponsored by Des Moines Register and IPTV, Johnston, IA

January 5, 2008: Video: Democratic debate hosted by ABC News, WMUR and Facebook, Manchester, NH
January 15, 2008: Video: MSNBC Democratic Debate from Las Vegas, Nevada
January 21, 2008: Video: Democratic Debate on CNN from Myrtle Beach, South Carolina
January 31, 2008: Video: CNN and the Los Angeles Times host a Democratic debate in California
February 21, 2008: Video: Democratic debate on CNN from the University of Texas in Austin, Texas
February 26, 2008: Video: Democratic debate on MSNBC from Cleveland, Ohio
April 16, 2008: Video: Obama/Clinton debate on ABC from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
April 27, 2008: Canceled: Obama/Clinton debate on CBS from North Carolina


May 3, 2007: Video: MSNBC Republican debate from California
May 15, 2007: Video: FOX News Republican debate video from South Carolina
June 5, 2007: Video: CNN Republican debate from New Hampshire

August 5, 2007: Video: The ABC News Republican debate from Iowa
September 5, 2007: Video: FOX News at New Hampshire’s Whittemore Center 9pm
September 17, 2007: Video: Values Voter Presidential Debate from Florida @ 7:30pm
September 27, 2007: Video: PBS Republican debate from Morgan State University in Baltimore, MD
October 9, 2007: Video: CNBC/MSNBC/Wall Street Journal Republican debate from Dearborn, Michigan
October 16, 2007: Video: Republican Jewish Coalition 2008 Republican Presidential Candidates Forum
October 21, 2007: Video: FOX News Republican debate from Orlando, Florida
November 28, 2007: Video: CNN/YouTube Republican debate from St. Petersburg, Florida
December 9, 2007: Video: Univision Spanish-language (English subtitles) Republican debate from Miami, FL
December 12, 2007: Video: Republican debate sponsored by Des Moines Register and IPTV, Johnston, IA

January 5, 2008: Video: Republican debate hosted by ABC News, WMUR and Facebook, Manchester, NH
January 6, 2008: Video: Fox News Republican Forum from Manchester, New Hampshire
January 10, 2008: Video: Fox News Republican Debate From Myrtle Beach, South Carolina
January 24, 2008: Video: MSNBC hosts a Republican Presidential debate from Florida Atlantic University
January 30, 2008: Video: CNN and the Los Angeles Times host a Republican debate in California

Page Updated 10/15/08

  • James

    I am very excited with this year’s presidential election, although I am not a US citizen. I am trying to collect all the video clips of the presidential debates (during primaries and caucuses, general election, and forums). I have already downloaded some from different internet sources, but I just realized that it was a mission impossible without help. I was wondering if you could help me with this. You may setup an FTP server and send the FTP server’s address, username, password and let the FTP server working for a period of time. I highly appreciate that. And I guarantee you that these clips will not be used for commercial purposes.

  • Harvey Dennenberg

    This question must be answered by Senator McCain and Senator Obama as the new President’s health is a vital concern to all American’s.

    Will both McCain and Obama release their full and complete health records for the people to review?
    If YES, can these records be released within 24 hours after the new debate?
    If NO, what are they trying to hide from the American people?

    Ask each candidate to address their voting record for Veterans!
    Check the Disabled Americans Veterans website (DAV) for their review so you can fact check the candidates!

  • Shaan Ali

    Hi Barrack Obama my name is Shaan Ali and my question is if you are president of the united states of america what will you do about the war that we are in? are u going to stop it or let it go on?

  • Walt Thornwald

    Holding for a sound check…

    Test. Test. 1. 2. 3. Test…



    Don’t you people see how you’re letting yourselves be played. Political puppet masters have used these tactics for thousands of years: Divide the masses. Let them fight amongst themselves.

    Pretty soon you don’t need a puppeteer to pull the strings, the puppets start to dance all by themselves.

    If any of you cared to be honest, all you’d have to do is look at the results in virtually every venue in society today, taking note of all the human, social, material and environmental debris strewn along the wayside, to know how badly billions of people have been gamed for decades.

    Now that 98.9 percent of the American population has been surreptitiously enrolled into a state of indentured servitude for the balance of our lifetimes, maybe we’ll all take a moment to put the endless, petty bickering aside and reflect how we are so easily and repetitively duped,

    Or maybe not.

    Argue on… You guys might very well deserve each other.

  • Senator McCain and Obama,

    My name is Scott D. Wertz and I am a Civics teacher at the Sugar Valley RuraL Charter School. My questions are on behalf of my students in that Civics class. They would like to know what you will be doing to improve the economy? Ending the War? How you intendd to secure the stability of our country to ensure that the students I am writing for have an above average chance to achieve all of their goals in their adult life. I would also like to invite both of you to come to Loganton, Pa. and speak to my class directly. This is an open invitation.

  • joe

    A question i have for the candidates. Now that Iraq has a govenment setup. WHEN DO WE LEAVE???

  • James

    These “debates” are controlled completely by the Democrat and Republican parties (See opendebates.org). They are intended to exclude independent voices not in the sway of corporate power. Nader is at 5% nationwide in spite of a media blackout and no corporate cash. Obama and McCain will spend a billion dollars trying to get into the White House, which is clearly more important to them than the real problems facing our country. Go to votenader.org/issues for a REAL discussion of populist issues and solutions that can turn our country around and save our democracy.

    Call the Commission on Presidential Debates at 202 872-1020 and insist that the drop their arbitrary 15% standard designed to ration debate. Call Mr. Obama at 866 675-2008 and pressure him to debate Nader, who he clearly fears. Call Mr. McCain at 703-418-2008 and urge him not to collaborate in this mockery of democracy. Tell them all that for the good of the country, they must meet Ralph Nader in a debate.

  • Kwaayesnama

    I am a republican and live in AZ, I will not be voting for McCain. Just think McCain has spent 26 years in Washington, what is his call to fame? In 26 years he had done nothing for the people of Arizona. In 26 he has seen no needs nothing, nada needed in his home state. So what is his plan to help this nation, the same plan he has had for 26 years for the people of Arizona, nothing, zero, and NADA. Just think, McCain/Palin economic Plan – Trust Wall St With Social Security. John McCain’s long touted plan for social security is to privatize it. Using the same Wall Street companies that are going under. Do you trust your future to Wall Street! Do you trust your future to John McCain and the lobbyists that are advising him and running his campaign? Here is a list of all of his major campaign workers and the special interests they represent.

  • Marlene Norris

    I’d like to know when both candidate are going to start talking about the issues when running TV ads and stop slinging mud? We the public are worried about our finances; health care; food costs; housing; gas costs, etc.

    Also, I’d like to go back to the old system; we used to vote for the Vice Presidential candidate. After all, that person mlight be President some day – what are your feelings on this?

  • Ricci Woerner

    Please stop the personal attacks against each other-it’s unprofessional; stop the games and get down to business. Americans are looking for a president that is honorable, one that can make decisions that are in the best interest of Americans. Now with that said, what are you going to do to bail out the retired persons that lost 70% of their retirement in the stock market? (My Mother is 68 years old and cares for her disabled husband at the same time working a full time job(manual labor)because their retirement is now below 30K. She has worked her entire life and now fears that she will have to work until the day she dies. This wrong on so many levels.)

  • Melissa

    Do you think it is possible to actually have a debate and not trash the other opponent?

  • why can’t health care be free, I mean it’s free in canada?

  • rejean brider

    what about us what about the great crash of america

  • J Randolph

    Wow, a new constitutional right, health care. Someone please show me where in the Constitution the Federal government is empowered to provide health care. I seem to remember the feds only having the power granted specifically by the constitution and all else was the right of the States.

  • Jackie

    ANyoje wanna help m,e on what Obama & MacCain said foreign policy, health care, the war in iraq, education, the environment.?

  • I want to see each candidate come in front of America with a project plan of action to accomplish key domestic goals that they spoke about tonight.

    1) Energy………give me a 100,000 ft. view of the plan in writing with certain goals and objectives of this big picture and target dates of implementation. Keep to the timelines and make it happen. We may have to spend on the front end to keep the timelines, but make it happen. I’m an engineer with a BSME and I have my EMBA from University of TN and Memphis respectively. My job requires me to do the above, there should be no difference. Big tasks require detailed picture and scope of action with a good implementation plan and itemized implementation options.

    2) Healthcare………My mother, thank goodness is 75 and remembers the depression era. She grew up as well as my father in a sharecroppers household here in Northwest TN. My father is deceased but they both believed in working hard, doing things the honest way, going to church and trying to raise their children in a home that gave their children opportunities they didn’t have. And they certainly did that. Now at 75 she draws her SS and with what interest(4%) she earns on her money(hard earned, sweat of the brow. ) she makes it from month to month but with none left over for sure. She pays $480+ per month for healthcare insurance from BCBS. This is a supplement to go with her Medicare that doesn’t cut it. I’m not worried about me with regard to healthcare my company and I pay for it, but make affordable healthcare for our retired. They earned the right for it. My mother worked hard in a factory for almost 30 years, and I can only remember her missing maybe 5 days of work total in that timeframe. She worked sick,etc. because that was my parents work ethic. Yes, she deserves a fair shake. She may have only made $12 per hour factory work, but she deserves it. I’ve seen her work hard for my family as well as my father did when he was able to work. The company she worked for had a profit sharing plan not a retirement plan and she now uses this money from the plan along with what mom and dad saved to draw interest and make ends meet.

    3) Bring good paying American jobs back to the forefront of #1 above as well as stop allowing China and other countries from shipping everything they can unload into the U.S. American companies only use this to ship jobs to overseas JV’s.

    4) Stop the day trading. That is destroying the American economy and I blame a piece of the action to these folks who make their living instead of holding an honest job down for some of the downfall of the stock market as well oil jumping ,etc.

    5) Stop the golden paruchutes that company CEO’s have. I worked for a textile company in NW TN and the CEO after filing chapter 11 and the 7 got his million dollar parachute. No severance,etc. for to Joe Blow who was the backbone of the plant. Should be illegal. Make it happen.

    Finally, I want to see each candidate stop the bickering and tell me as a citizen concerned about his country how “change” will take place and how they intend on “putting Country First” . I want specifics. I want a plan of action and tell me you will get this accomplished in your 1st term in office. John McCain said tonight that we can work on all these at the same time. Senator McCain, tell me how we can do that, or Senator Obama tell me the same and timeframes involved for the both of you. I don’t doubt that we can because I do agree that the American worker is the most industrious globally. We are innovative thinkers who think out of the box and want to make things. Now with alot of our manufacturing overseas instead of here, we do the same as we do with energy , piss money away to foreign interests and never see it stay here in the U.S. where small businesses can flurish from this and further more, that money turns around in this country to make even more for the next AMERICAN, not others who do not have the best interests of this country at heart. One thing I have learned with my career is that most others around the world do not hold dear the same values as we have. These values where Honesty is the best policy, do unto others as you have them do unto you, not stick it to you first before you stick it to me. We as Americans need to open our eyes and start standing firmly for what we believe in and has made this nation as strong as it is!

    God BLess.

    Last, MAKE IT HAPPEN> Failure to do so is not an option this TIME>

  • Marie

    In watching the debate last night, McCain stated, “This is not on the job training.” In reference to Obama’s inexperience on forign policy. This this from a man who chose Palin, talk about on the job training. Someone who only has a communications-journalism degree and dropped out of 5 colleges in what 6 years is going to assist in the running of our country, PLEASE, does she not follow through with anything as important. I lost all hope for McCain when he chose Palin. There are so many qualified people that he could have choosen. If this is any indication of his decisions then we all need to take a second look at his mental capacity for making smart decisions. Our Country depends on smart moves at the right time. I know Obama has some shortcomings, but not one candidate has everything you want, this is why surrounding yourself with those who do know makes a presidential cabinet strong. By the way where is Colin Powell? He could be an advisor to Obama. Just a thought.

  • Tom

    To both candidates:

    Why is it that the American public continues to pay for salaries and benefits after a member of Congress leaves? I believe a substantial savings to the taxpayer would happen if Ex-Congressmen/women and Senators did not receive these entitlements upon leaving office. Same with every government employee. I surely won’t have my salary and healthcare benefits when I leave my job at some point. How will you clean house if elected President. No rhetoric, give specifics.

  • Mark

    Just tell me in writing how your administration plans to:

    1. Eliminate the $10 TRILLION dollar deficit and
    2. Fund the $57 TRILLION dollars in future benefits/payments that we have committed to in the forms of social security/medicare benefits, US T-bills/Bonds/Notes sold to foreign governments, pension plans, local governments and individuals. If the Chinese and japanese quit buying our debt, this current topsy turvey market will be nothing. This is a $57 TRILLION dolalr tsunami that keeps building and building. It will be devastating!!!

  • I am not from the US but have a keen interest in what is going on there. I was never a fan of McCain but preferred him before Palin appeared on the scene. Obama seems to bring a freshness to the election and the Democratic party in general. I do think though that the whole debate process is a bit of a flim-flam affair and I hope the American public has more sense than to swallow mere rhetoric. One more thing, if i hear McCain say “My Friend” one more time during a debate I’ll throw up.

  • Marie

    Tom, good point, and I agree. I know I will not continue to be paid once I retire from my State job. I’m not sure that anyone who holds a civil service job should continue to be paid. It’s a job like any other in the world. Like most U.S. Presidents who have completed their terms have made millions by the time they leave office. They leave with all sorts of benefits, body guards (CIA)-who pays for that, drivers-who pays for that, traveling expenses, retirement, healthcare-who pays for all of this. The American taxpayer thats who… I don’t think they have to worry about their Social Security, healthcare, groceries, or if they will have enough money in their bank acct. to buy whatever is needed. Is it in writing somewhere as to why our government employees are paid after leaving office?

  • Babs

    Good point, Tom, and I wish that McCain would talk more about his very strong stands against the salaries in Congress. Did you know he not only voted and RAILED against the last pay increase for Congress, but that when it passed anyway he has donated his “raise” to charity every year – every penny?

  • Norm

    Well, Babs, if I was married to Cindy McCain I’d be able to donate my salary too!
    It’s easy to rail against salary increases or donate your salary when your net worth is between $36.6 million and $53.4 million as estimated by msn.money.

  • Middle Class America

    What negative effects will the plans that you have in store – to fix the economy,
    – to help the home owners in trouble,
    – to help the major corporations in trouble
    have on the Middle Class Americans who
    – live within their means
    – pay their bills on time
    – and are prepared to overcome this economic crisis without government assistance?

    What POSITIVE outcomes do you foresee your plans having on those American families that save, spend, and live wisely?

    Should our taxes increase to pay for the mess on Wall Street, the greedy mortgage lenders, and for those who fell on hardships because they were duped or they did not plan accordingly?

  • Diane

    Candidates for the past 16 years have all campaigned that they would fix the health care system, economic, foreign affairs, etc. and absolute nothing has been done. What makes anyone think that either of these two will do anything? McCain has had 27 years and has done nothing. We (the middle class) live paycheck to paycheck while the senators and representatives don’t worry about anything because their retirement is secure and they have excellent health coverage that they don’t have to contribute to.

  • Bill Hedges

    Norm When Democrat controled Congress has increased the National debt so much in the past two yeats with spending bills, they don’t deserve raises. Just as Congress says bail-out companies should not be giving C.E.O.’s big bonuses. McCain also donates all profits from his books to charities. All because his wife’s father earned a lot of money, the American way. Cindy does a lot of charity work. McCains have given back.

  • Karen

    When are they going to dicuss Social Security in a debate? I pay social security on every penny I earn. However, if I earned 1 millions a year, I’d only pay social security on the first $92,000. If SSI is in so much trouble, why don’t people pay social security on income over $92,000 a year?

  • Bill Hedges

    Karen–There is a limit on how much you can recieve when you go on S/S.. Would it be fair for a rich person to pay 100 times more into S/S and then receive just a little more when he gets S/S benefits ? Congress stole the money from S/S and spent it on other things. Democrats in Congress don’t want to talk about it. Because raising taxes cost them votes Unless Democrats plays the class game of making the rich pay for everything. If health plan becomes Government controled , you can bet Congress will use that new tax premium money to pay for S/S pay outs…

  • How to pose a question in the presidential debate?

    How to pose a question for the Presential Debate? The Question: “Would you support a bill to change adoption policies? Allow open adoption, or to give future adoption parents the advice on alternative adoption? When a adoptee reaches 18 years of age, he or she has a legal right to see his or her biological father and bio. mother, if adoptee wants to?
    Michael A Tully
    A adoptee.

  • Number8

    My question to you Senator McCain.

    After being treated with skin cancer and possibly being the oldest first term president in history, do you place all your trust in Sarah Palin, a 2 year governor of a state outside the continental U.S., to run the most powerful nation in the world, if something were to happen?

    Traditionally I view a campaign shift from experience to sensationalism as standard political hypocrasy but in your case I wonder if your growing senile.

  • Bill Hedges

    Number 8- What does skin cancer and being old have to do with anything. Those that we surround ourselves around is much more important. What does being Governor outside continital united states have to do with anything. Sarah’s experience is superior to Obamas. She made decisions. Obama added PORK to ohther people’s bills, amouting to $1 million a day. That was his acomphishment. He did stop when he started running for President. Senile, ? Such statement can open up a lot of remarks about Obama. But unlike your use of,,senile, , I choice not to go in that direction. No factual evidence to support,,senile…

  • This question is for Senator Barack Obama:

    We would like to know why you support socialized medicine. Many issues connected with socialized medicine include reducing both patient and physician incentives and the overall quality of health care. By carrying out this “Universal Health Care” system, the process of receiving such health care will undoubtedly be much slower- what do you say to people with time-sensitive cases?

    Thank you.

  • Health care is NOT free in Canada! Get your facts straight!

  • Becky

    To my knowledge, the U.S. is the only industrialized country that does not have universal healthcare, primarily due to the immense lobbying power of the insurance and pharmaceutical industries. But the cost of providing health insurance is hamstringing U.S. businesses, and the paperwork that doctors and hospitals need to do to manage myriads of different insurance providers is staggering. Not to mention the millions and millions of Americans that are bankrupt or in danger of bankruptcy because of inadequate or no health insurance. In my opinion, medical care should be like education–provided at a certain basic level to all of the public. No one calls universal public education “socialism.” K-12 education is just a basic part of civilization. Medical care should be too. I don’t really care for either Obama’s or McCain’s healthcare plan (although I prefer Obama’s). I would like to see a single payer system like Canada’s. It’s not perfect, but it’s far, far better than what we have now in the U.S.

  • John

    Will Barack Obama be able to end the privitization of our government and end the lobbists strangle hold over congress? I believe that if he is able to do these two thing we can reverse everything to this great nation by Ronald Regan, to G.W. Bush.
    Read: The Wrecking Crew.

  • Debates are awesome but sadly, the American electorate puts little weight on them. Bush lost every debate he was in except one, where he beat Gore by being more personable..not factual, intellectual, or savvy…personable (he smiled and was chummy to the camera). I find that tragic.

    Rd 3 of the two Irishmen tomorrow night:
    O’Bama vs McCain– the angry old guy versus youthful cool.

  • iv64

    I am aware that it important to go deeper into the actual proposals initiated by the candidates. However, it seems at the rally’s there are a lot of people present that seem to be distracted from the pressing issues and focused on peripheral issues such as Bill Ayers.
    Is it possible to just start by clearing the air on the basic character attacks prior to starting on the real issues?
    It seems to me that this is a cloud of distraction hanging over this debate with both sides waiting to see if it comes up.

  • Bill Hedges

    Tucker- It is sad you say old verus vs youthful cool. I see what what you are saying. Of coure. If I was buying a tiket to be entertained Obama wins hand down. But for Presiddent, consider my last comment on this thread.

  • april

    So i get wanting to win elections but how about earning some respect by not contantly slandering the other canidate and actually focusing on the issues at hand. I for one would vote for the person who focuses more on the people, rather than what the opposition is doing. I think the next president should be a person who doesn’t play the childish game ” Well he did this, and he did that. ” Tell us about what you would do to fix the economy or get our troops back from iraq.

  • Bill Hedges

    April-How do you know the President will do what he says he will do. Does he deserve your trust. How much do you trust him. What’s in his head. What’s his record. knowing these things are not chilish games. I would not marry somebody I did not know.

  • Kathy Green

    I believe a campaign should be about the issues of this country, instead of blindsiding the People with “he said, she said” drama.

    What I want to know in this last debate is what are they going to do to pull us out of the obvious recession? Also, since we are in a recession, do they fell just a little guilt about all the millions they are spending on this campaign? Think about this, if the candidates can’t reign in their own campaign budget and spend logically, how are they going to fix the US budget?

    The person making the most since right now is T. Boone Pickens. He has a plan!

  • Bill Hedges

    Kath Green said–What I want to know in this last debate is what are they going to do to pull us out of the obvious recession? Also, since we are in a recession…………..Definition of recession-“A perord of two quarters of negative GOP quarters.” This has not happened yet in America………………………………………………Kathy said-do they fell just a little guilt about all the millions they are spending on this campaign? …….Obama is far out-spending McCain…………………………………………………….. Kathy Green said-Think about this, if the candidates can’t reign in their own campaign budget and spend logically, how are they going to fix the US budget?………Obama averaged near $1 million PORK for each day he was Senator. He stopped when he started running for President. How does that make you feel ? For all the many years McCain has been in Congress, his average PORK is $ 000.000. Yes, Zero. Which do you trust with your money………Concerning Perkins I agree. Perkins has right idea. McCain has long been for alternative energy. Bill Clinton so stated at Bill’s conference right before Bail-out bill, Bill Clinton said that.

  • I am not aware of what is going on? someone help me?

  • Howard

    So far, all the conclusions by all the pundits are
    totally based upon POLLS. Not a single actual vote
    has been cast yet. Obama supporters gush at how
    well their man has done in the debates, which proves
    once again that Obama is a good debater and a good
    speaker. It doesn’t say anything about his character,
    judgement, or what kind of a leader he would be.
    I still would rather trust a man who would not sell out
    his fellow prisoners, even during 5 years of torture,
    than to trust a man who betrayed a 20 year friendship,
    for personal ambition. And … regarding this election,
    until people actually vote … it ain’t over till it’s over!

  • Bill Hedges

    Kelly–I look at the election as I see things in my life. When somebody wants to give me a bunch of free wonderful things, I close my front door and lock the door.

  • Bill Hedges

    Howard- It is beyond my understanding how Obama people wish to ignore one’s history and prior behavior. Not all of course. Maybe their hope for free money. I just don’t understand. Their best effort is to say help the less fortuneate. Well I will give much less if required to pay more taxes for this. 2 less for 1 added tax.

  • Cindy

    All THis about Presidents i think is wack but all i know is that Obama is going to win. If you pay close attention Mccain makes no point at all. Obama has won both debates so far so i dont know. I also dont care if Bush supposively cheated and Mccain has to win Hellz no this is my opinion and i know that OBAMA is going to win.

  • George

    Do you guys know what, stop fighting about who is going to be president, the president isn’t as important as our country. for your country is all you have. you can get more presidents if the last ones are gone, but can you get a duplicate of your country, NO! your country is unique for what it is and who is in it. so if you want to vote for someone, just vote for your country!!!! 🙂 🙂

  • ishmail

    all i can say is that this isn’t for everyone’s purpose just yet. they know what the people need, but they can’t do it yet unless they win the election. this debate isn’t for pleasure, but this is a short-term and long term goal for the united states and history itself.


    GO MCCAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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