Colon Powell handing out foreign policy advice to Obama

According to Fox News:

Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama has sought out former Secretary of State Colin Powell for advice on foreign policy matters.

While Powell served in the administrations of two Republican presidents, he said Sunday it was too early in the 2008 race to say whether he would back the GOP nominee.

Apparently they’ve been meeting:

Powell said he has met twice with Obama, the Illinois senator. “I’ve been around this town a long time and I know everybody who is running for office. And I make myself available to talk about foreign policy matters and military matters with whoever wishes to chat with me,” Powell said.

Powell said he does not want to serve in elected office but was less certain about a return to some government post.

It’s amazing to me how much vitriol Powell got when he was part of the Bush administration. Now that he’s a free agent liberals like Obama are taking his advice.

  • Let’s go obama!!!

  • kathy4change

    Go Obama = When will Fox News report without bias? GET A GRIP! Americans are tired of being hoodwinked by the Republicans and they are tired of the mud slinging. Also tired of hearing about Ayers. How about you tell us about the Keating 5, the scandal that cost the taxpayers $3 billion dollars or William Timmons(Mc Cain’s transition chief) who lobbied for Saddam Hussein, or Oleg Deripaska, the Russian mobster Mc Cain met with, or G Gordon Liddy, the convicted Watergate criminal who hosted fundraisers at his home for Mc Cain, or Oliver North who gave money and weapons to the Contra was supported by Mc Cain(Mc Cain also gave the Contras $400), or Raffaello Follieri who posed as a Vatican CFO and later pleaded guilty to wire fraud, and money laundering( Follieri was serviced by Rick Davis’s lobbying firm and in return offered Davis help in securing the Catholic vote for McCain – Davis is McCain’s campaign manager. Wow!) or Aquila Suarez – John Green – Wayne Berman-Charlie Black-Arthur Culverhouse – all of whom got tons of money from Fannie and Freddie – Rick Davis too made a ton – I could go on and on – Start reporting on Mc Cain’s affiliations!

  • annie

    colin powell is endorsed obama for ONE REASON – HE’S BLACK. PERIOD!