The Ron Paul mafia

Someone enlighten me, what is the magic behind Republican presidential candidate Ron Paul? Just today I received this message in my YouTube box:

Why aren’t you posting anything remortely accurate on Ron Paul? WHy such censorship? Are you in bed with Fascist Proganda Channel? I mean fox “news”

What censorship? What am I censoring? I censor nothing he says! I posted the highlight clips of the Republican debate and included some of Paul and Giuliani’s exchange. No, I didn’t include the ENTIRE statement from Paul as it was long and empty. In my opinion, the man is just a RINO and a wacko supporter of the 9/11 truth movement:

Student: …we’ve heard that you have questioned the government’s official account.

Paul: Well, I never automatically trust anything the government does when they do an investigation because too often I think there’s an area that the government covered up, whether it’s the Kennedy assassination or whatever.

Newsflash to Ron Paul, the Kennedy assassination was solved years ago, the grassy knoll theory doesn’t hold water.

There I’ve said it, Ron Paul is a wacko. Proceed to flame me but I cannot understand, for the life of me, what this obsession is with this man. His voice is so annoying I tune him out seconds after hearing him. He should be running under the Democratic Party or the Green Party in my opinion but I don’t get to choose what candidates decide to run as.

Furthermore, he is now alleging that the federal government hasn’t been completely forthcoming with the “truth” about 9/11. The man is nothing but a noisemaker. He lives in a pre-9/11 era and would be dangerous for the future survival of this country.

So there.

  • Bless your heart, but Ron Paul is not wacko. The current shallow political US media world is WACKO! The great thing with Ron is even if you don’t agree w/ everything he believes in, everyone who isn’t closed minded, is blown away by his sincerity and truthiness–he tells you exactly what he thinks like it or not. That’s why so many democrats, liberals, real conservatives, libertarians, and young people are flocking to him. For the record he has said, “I DO NOT believe that our government planned and caused 9/11”–but he has pointed out that more money was spent investigating Clinton. In other words, there should be more investigation into what the CIA/FBI did know–as you may know, there were warning signs. I’m a conservative Christian – I was against the Iraq war from the beginning (not a “just war” and we were not attacked by Iraq) so I had given up on the Republican Party…He is really the only choice in the Republican party that stands against the policies that took us into war in Iraq. So—is it really that surprising that republicans and others who are worried about our aggressive foreign policy support the only guy with the guts to take the establishment on? I really do support Ron Paul, but, understandably– for the reasons I stated, some folks feel that supporting Ron Paul sends a message to the GOP that not all of us support the failed policies of BUSH. (by the way, Buchanan, William F. Buckley, Charley Reese, Paul Craig Roberts (from Reagan Admin), Tucker Carlson, James Webb and on and on (all staunch conservatives) have said things similar to Paul on the war being a failure and causing more hatred for the US. (even before it started in 2002) Ron Paul is not the only real conservative left.

  • Sam

    “the Kennedy assassination was solved years ago, the grassy knoll theory doesn’t hold water.”

    – Actually, legendary CIA Veteran and Watergate conspirator E. Howard Hunt said that LBJ was behind it. His son released Hunt’s notes and audio recordings of his confession a month ago. There was a huge write up in Rolling Stone about it. He had kept quite about it all these years but told everything just before he died so his son could release it. You don’t make stuff like that up on your death bed.

  • Dar

    What is the magic behind Republican presidential candidate Ron Paul?

    Well, I can’t say for others. It seems a wide range of people like Ron Paul. They might have a wide range of reasons for supporting Ron Paul. But for me…

    1. Ron Paul is a frank, honest, and nice guy. He does’t attack the person, but only the idea or action. I have seen him be kind to the most annoying of people and he would never judge based on a person’s voice.

    2. Ron Paul is a skeptic and is open minded, careful with ideas. For example, he would not take “I do not automatically trust” all parts of a government report and infer “grassy knoll”. He does not make up stories or repeat unfounded stories about others.

    3. Ron Paul is consistent. He has voted for what he believes is right. He reports the straight facts every week. Nobody is going to be blindsided by supporting him.

    4. Ron Paul understands economics and liberty. He supports the right ideas on key issues. There are minor things where I would differ, but on key issues such as constitionally constrained government, doing something about the debt and excessive unfunded largess, free trade, and being good neighbors, he is right on target. For me, I knew was was needed, he wasn’t there and I knew the country would fall. And then… There he was.

    5. Ron Paul provides hope. Eyes brighten when folks learn about Ron Paul.

    6. Ron Paul is strong. Should there me a miracle and he is elected, he will not be corrupted by the power of office.

    I encourage you to ignore your problems with his voice, or ability to condense ideas to 10 seconds or age or whatever. Look at his ideas. You can find his essays online. You can find his congressional reports online. His ideas are not random. They are based on clear thinking. Some ideas you might not have heard of; patience and research might be needed.

  • Fluffy




    What’s that noise? Oh, that’s right, it’s the sound of time running out for the neocons. Paul will not be our next President, but neither will anyone else who was on the stage in South Carolina. Paul’s supporters will merely taste the sourness of defeat a little earlier than the supporters of the others.

    Tick tock.

    Tick tock.

  • Steve

    Don’t listen to the flames. Judge Ron Paul on his record, not selected excerpts. As far as I am concerned, he is the real deal. If you believe this country is headed in the right direction, then he is not for you.

  • Brandon English

    Ron Paul is the ONLY candidate who is genuinely FOR America, as it was created to be and as it should be, but is unfortunately NOT at this time. The only way we can get back on the right path during this election cycle is to elect him. The other Republicans are all jokes – they use their mouths to spout some conservative-sounding garbage, yet their actual policies, actions and track records show otherwise. Paul’s track record matches his words. The Democrat candidates offer no hope either for shrinking government, improving our economy and fixing our world policy. As a matter of fact, they would make it worse. How can you people be AGAINST a man who wants to abolish the IRS? How can you smear a man who wants to let us KEEP ALL of our WAGES because it is our CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHT? How can you insult a man who wants to abolish the Federal Reserve and go back to us printing OUR OWN MONEY?? You people who are against this man are insane and are definitely NOT Americans as it is defined by the very essence of its creation. I hope your eyes open up, and soon.

  • Ron Paul for the win!

    The only conservative running, compare his record to Fred Thompson…..Thompson is the status quo, if you want change in the right direction vote Dr. No!

  • Ron Paul is the only choice for America.

  • Shamgar

    Furthermore, he is now alleging that the federal government hasn’t been completely forthcoming with the “truth” about 9/11.

    Hahaha! Yeah, the government not being completely forthcoming about something? Where did that come from! That’s inconceivable! It’s un-possible! It’s just crazy talk!

    (Closed captioned for the sarcasm impaired – There’ s a big leap from “the government hasn’t told us everything” to “the government did it”)

  • mike

    America hasn’t waken up until Something is done. Ron Paul is taht “something”