Open Letter: General Dempsey

An open letter to Chairman Dempsey … (continue reading)

The Middle East: Waiting For Godot

Waiting for Godot … Godot never came. … (continue reading)

Golf Clap; Seems Appropriate

The Immediate take on President Obama’s speech. … (continue reading)

A President At War … With Himself

Has the President become a great danger in a dangerous world? … (continue reading)

If you’re Not Confused; You’re Not Paying Attention!

Jen Psaki said Wednesday; “the President has a comprehensive strategy.” Poor Jen, she’s a good soldier and perhaps a true believer but she’s clearly … (continue reading)


The foundations of Muslim incursions in Europe and a lesson for us. … (continue reading)

Maureen’s Emotional State

Maureen Dowd appears to have fallen out of love with President Obama, we feel her pain. … (continue reading)

Connecting Dots?

Three Generals and a Secretary of Defense are, in essence, telling us that we are less safe than before 9/11, confused, unsure of the seriousness of our political leadership and generally unaware of the scope of the threats we face. We do, however, has a few dots we can connect ourselves. … (continue reading)

ISIL: It’s The Evil Stupid!

The President on Wednesday demonstrated an ability to list the horrors brought to bear by ISIL. However, as observed by many, something was missing; … (continue reading)

Who’s The Real JV?

Straw Men, at full attention. … (continue reading)

ISIS: The Fevered Dream

If you’ve spent years immersed in the study of all things Middle East, with Islam and radicalism as the dominant central themes you’ve had yourself a few fevered dreams. The Islamic State (IS, ISIS, ISIL) is that fevered dream, now imposed on waking consciousness. … (continue reading)

Israel, Hamas: The Movie

We have seen this movie before. Protect yourself, but only so far. … (continue reading)

Iran: Deadlines Really Aren’t

This weekend the deadline for an Iranian nuclear deal comes due. There will be no deal. The original deal allows for a six month … (continue reading)

Hamas: Never Miss An Opportunity

“Never miss an opportunity to miss an opportunity” … (continue reading)

Mitt Buzzney

A third Romney run? … (continue reading)

$3.7 billion border spending bill to cover schooling, health care, and lawyers


As the Southern border disintegrates before our very eyes, the American taxpayer will be saddled with the cost of paying for this new influx … (continue reading)