Tortured Again: By The Senate

Tortured again this time by the Senate and Senator Feinstein’s insistence to revisit the torture controversy. … (continue reading)

Apartments in Jerusalem and Iranian Nukes

The administration considers sanctions against … Israel! … (continue reading)

Immigration: Right Thing The Wrong Way

Confrontation rules the day. … (continue reading)

The Constitution And Presidential Frustration

Looking for the section of the Constitution dealing with Presidential “frustration”; nowhere to be found. … (continue reading)

Immigration: The Two Year View

The President’s executive order could very well split the Democrats … (continue reading)

Iraq: Mission Creep?

Mission Creep is, in reality, “Mission Catch Up!” … (continue reading)

The Middle Class: Stuck In The Middle With You

According to the RCP average the last time the President enjoyed favorable poll ratings was on June 9, 2013 by one tenth of a … (continue reading)

The Obama Press Conference: No Answers!

There will be no “Tea Leaf Reading” at 1600 Pa. Ave. … (continue reading)

Lone Wolfs: Why Now?

Why the surge in Lone Wolf attacks … (continue reading)

Look Out Ebola: We’ve Got You Now!

The “implementer” in chief steps up to the challenge. … (continue reading)

Ebola By The Numbers

Calculating the potential for a geometric progression of Ebola is cause for concern. … (continue reading)

Open Letter: General Dempsey

An open letter to Chairman Dempsey … (continue reading)

The Middle East: Waiting For Godot

Waiting for Godot … Godot never came. … (continue reading)

Golf Clap; Seems Appropriate

The Immediate take on President Obama’s speech. … (continue reading)

A President At War … With Himself

Has the President become a great danger in a dangerous world? … (continue reading)

If you’re Not Confused; You’re Not Paying Attention!

Jen Psaki said Wednesday; “the President has a comprehensive strategy.” Poor Jen, she’s a good soldier and perhaps a true believer but she’s clearly … (continue reading)