EPA angers environmentalists with Earth Day travel plans

Jet Airplane

There are few things as satisfying to watch from afar than when two liberal conglomerates step on each other’s causes. Today’s episode involves the … (continue reading)

al Qaeda holds relaxing corporate retreat in Yemen

al Qaeda Meeting

As the President has informed us time and time again, al Qaeda is “on the run.” There is nothing to fear since this group … (continue reading)

Kathleen Sebelius and the post-embarrassment society

Kathleen Sebelius

Was there ever a day when failure in politics meant an apology and withdrawal from the public eye? If so, please refresh me because … (continue reading)

Dangerous Ground And The Accident Of Birth

President Obama & Eric Holder

You can’t help it, its the accident of birth. … (continue reading)

Increased dependence on federal funding is eroding states’ rights


This issue distinctly hits close to home here in the Commonwealth of Virginia where the Republican-controlled House of Delegates is locked in a battle … (continue reading)

Picking The Wrong Chick

True the Vote

Celebrating individuals that fight for their rights and by extension ours as well. … (continue reading)

Eric ‘Fast & Furious’ Holder worried about gun safety

Speaking to a House appropriations subcommittee last week, Attorney General Eric Holder let Congress in on a few ideas he and Vice President Biden, … (continue reading)

Baseball legend Hank Aaron says GOP is “KKK with neckties”

Speaking along the lines of the new “civil tone” that President Obama set forth in American politics, baseball Hall of Famer Hank Aaron had … (continue reading)

My ‘act of love’ for America: opposing Jeb Bush

There sure is a pile jumping on former Florida Governor Jeb Bush for his recent statement concerning illegal immigration. Bush is on tape saying … (continue reading)

Progress Report; The Fundamental Transformation

If your feeling overwhelmed by your government; that was the whole idea. … (continue reading)

Five more things okcupid should ban

By now, you’re probably aware that Brendan Eich, the CEO (now former CEO) of Mozilla, makers of the popular Firefox web browser, was forced … (continue reading)

Victory Dance? Really?

More lies, less facts and, oh by the way, “die quickly”! … (continue reading)

Maryland abandons $125 million Obamacare exchange

Some news conveniently dropped last Friday afternoon that the state of Maryland has completely abandoned its Obamacare exchange website which has already devoured over … (continue reading)

If only we could laugh off Obamacare on April Fool’s Day

The Obama administration claims that almost seven million people will have “signed up” for a health care plan through the program by the end … (continue reading)

How Surreal Can This Get?

The absence of morality and reason as a controlling influence on thought. … (continue reading)

Political Physics

The political physics of momentum … (continue reading)